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C# Abstract Class

Abstract classes are created using keyword abstract

abstract class Stream {
   public abstract void Write(char ch);
   public void WriteString(string s) { foreach (char ch in s) Write(s); }
class File : Stream {
   public override void Write(char ch) {... write ch to disk ...}

Abstract methods won’t have body in other words they don’t have implementation. Abstract methods are implicitly virtual. Abstract classes can’t be instantiated.

abstract class Enumerator {
   public abstract void Add(object x);               // method
   public abstract string Name { get; }              // property
   public abstract object this [int i] { get; set; } // indexer
class List : Enumerator {
   public override void Add(object x) {...}
   public override string Name { get {...} }
   public override object this [int i] { get {...} set {...} }
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