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Windows 8 Store App Development – Pre Requisites

App Development for Windows 8 is all together a new story for developers. So I thought to outline the steps here so it will benefit the community.

  1. Windows 8 Operating System
  2. Visual Studio 2012
  3. Developer License

On my laptop I am using Windows 7, since its configured with all software I don’t want to do a fresh install or upgrade to Windows 8. So my options left are either use a VPC or dual boot windows 8. Dual booting needs a new dedicated drive. In order to create a new drive, I shrink one of my drive using Windows disk management tool. The new drive should have

  • Enough storage space to accommodate Windows 8 installation
  • Either Primary or Logical drive (Dynamic drives won’t work)

This setup helps me to keep my current environment intact and it give me the flexibility to play with Windows 8.

Installation Process was straight forward. And it completed pretty quickly. The installer was Windows Enterprise edition, hence I was unable to enter the product key. After searching on this topic, I found a command Slui.exe 0x3 which enables this. Read this KB article.

Next, installed Visual Studio 2012.

From Visual Studio, New Project


Once Visual Studio finishes creating the Project, it will try to get the developer license. First a popup window is displayed, on this we should read and accept the terms and condition. Next another popup asks for Microsoft logon credentials. Finally a success message showing the license information such as validity etc.

Normally the license is valid for 30 days, after that we can renew it for next 30 days and so on. On the other hand if you have a Store account, then the developer license validity is 90 days.

I started developing my first app on Windows 8. I will be explain my experience on next post.

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